Our Services

21st Century Marketing (dot US), a company that creates and innovates. Following are the highlights of the services that 21st Century Marketing (dos US) provides.

Website Design & Renovation

Your website is the First Impression that a visitor gets of your business. More and More people look you up on the Internet before they call or contact you. So it is important for you to create a good first impression, provide accurate information and engage the visitor through Call-To-Action forms.

From simple static designs to high end flash based designs, we do it all. From logos to complex flash routines, we create them from scratch and work with you till you are satisfied.

The single most common problem in keeping websites up-to-date is the ability to edit it. We provide a very simple back-end content management system that is based on modular design and is put together for your website so that you only have features that relate with your website. Extremely easy to use and NO CLUTTER.  You become the web master with complete control on the content.

If you would like to have this back-office attached to your current website, please contact us and we will review your website and will let you know if you can use our back-office to maintain your existing website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Today the one thing that is growing at a phenomenal rate on the Internet is 'Searches'. Google approximately handles 300 million search every day and the number is fast growing. So what does that tell us? A website that is designed, copyrighted, and optimized will stand a better chance to come up in searches that translates into more visibility and ultimately more business. Cyber Monday of 2010 broke an all time record of 1 Billion Dollar Sales in one day. This is just a beginning.

21st Century Marketing (dot US) recognizing this important trend has put together its resources to provide its clients with a comprehensive suite of tools and services to optimize websites to give it visibility for the search engines.

Audio/Video Production Services

You must have heard the phrase 'A picture is worth a thousand words' well that should now probably be changed to 'A video is worth a thousand words'. Motion advertising has always been at the forefront in marketing. It used to expensive but now, thanks again to technology, it has not only become affordable to produce at low cost but almost free to deliver it. A great example is Youtube.

21st Century Marketing (dot US) has a team of professional musicians, graphic artists, and programmers who can produce custom videos with professional voices, 3D/3D animations, motion clips, and flash sequences.

SMS/MMS Campaigns

Text messaging is rapidly becoming one of the most effective means of not only relaying messages, but at the same time is rated highest in getting responses.

21st Century Marketing (dot US) has put together a solution that is geared to take advantage of this new and interesting development. You can now use 21st Century Marketing (dot US) service to carry out SMS campaigns and deliver multimedia content to your message subscribers. Schools can use this service for emergency as well as other communication needs.

Interactive Coupons

As a business, would you like your customers to carry your paper coupons (that costs a lot of money for you to print) or have them visit your website and copy coupons, save into their coupon list and carry them on their smart phones and redeem them right off of the phone?

That is the kind of Interactive Coupons service we provide for our clients. Our application is in constant evolution to adopt new and innovative means to deliver those coupons. Just like you can copy a Youtube video and paste it anywhere, similarly, you can send these coupons through email, website, or ours or any SMS/MMS service. Your subscribers will greatly appreciate this convenience and you will develop customer loyalty.

Social Media Campaign

Social Media, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Foursquare, etc are successful because Social Media works! Business are now realizing the potential and need assistance to take advantage of this growing trend. We will assist you in putting together a comprehensive Social Media strategy and help you implement it.