Coupons - So What's New?!:

Ever wondered how much time you spend in sifting through a plathora of advertising materials and junk mails to pick the coupons that might save you some money in this recession prone times? Not only that, once you have taken the time and clipped those, sometimes, tiny and even hard to read coupons and 'save' them in your wallet or purse with the hope that you will be able to pull it out when you need it, you really want to make it your time's worth. And, like me, Murphy always gets me by missing the ones I really need.

New era of coupons is going to change that. With smart phones becoming ever more popular, it is now possible to carry your collection of coupons on your smart phone.

Imagine this...

You go to the store and without even worrying about carrying all those paper and cardboard coupons with you, you start shopping and filling your cart. Of course most of the time we pick up items that we didn't even plan or think about. So now you have a cart full of items, some of which are pricey too. So when you are ready to check out, you pull out your smart phone, start an app and select the store you are shopping at. You then start checking which items that day have valid coupons. You start selecting the ones that apply to your shopping list and saving them for display at the checkout counter. Once you are ready, you simply 'open' each coupon on your smart phone, that displays the barcode and information on the screen. Clerk picks that barcode through their scanner, and you bring up the next coupon you want to use. This way, you can get a 100% coupon use on your purchases. If you plan your shopping based on coupons, you can reverse the process by creating a list of items that your store is offering coupons for, and then take off for the store and fill your basket accordingly. Shopping can be real fun this way, especially when you are a sucker for good deals!

This is how the coupons are now being used and Interactive Coupon applications allows you to do exactly that. Your collection process can continue during the week and on shopping day, you can simply print the coupon list and take it along, or just recall every coupon there and then and let the clerk scan the barcode. Its a win-win situation for both advertiser as well as the user. Imagine the amount of paper and hassle you save at the end of the day?

You must be wondering what does the word 'Interactive' means? Well, would you like to 'share' your wonderful findings with your friends? You will be able to do that by filling a small field with as many email addresses as you want. It is going to be a part of the coupon without you having to fill any forms, or give out your information or details. Just type your friends email address and click 'go' and you have just passed on a 'Favor' to your friend. If you are a business promoting your products through coupons, you can copy embedded code off of the Interactive Coupons website and have the coupons displayed and relayed through your website. You can add the same embedded code in your email signatures so all your recipients can not only avail that offer, but easily and conveniently pass it on to their peers. If you have a funny or interesting coupon, it will have the ability to become viral. You simply can't imagine the potential of a coupon going viral. You might not even be able to keep up with the response. So be careful about that! Giving you heads-up!

The only thing that is absolute in the world of marketing is 'Change' and we must be able to adapt our strategies accordingly, else it will be difficult for us to stay afloat, let alone staying ahead in the market.

Naved Haqqi

   Date: 2010-12-13 22:20:22