SMS/MMS (Text Messaging):

SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Message Service) is an emerging trend in the marketing arena. Ever increasing popularity of smart phones and text messaging has caught the attention of marketers. New and novel ways are now being explored to capture the fantasy of the young user, at the same time, making it fun.

It all started with simple text messages substituting lengthy and formal emails with expectation of instantaneous response, which now has become an addiction for some. Sharing through texts is gaining more popularity. It is the convenience and privacy of conversation that is driving this popularity and more so, its simplicity.

Every trend is superseded with something better and in this case, MMS, the multimedia message service is now gaining its foothold in the messaging arena. People are now exchanging images, videos, and even live streams in some cases. Live streams, although resource intensive and may have privacy issues as well, nevertheless, developers are getting ready to provide apps that will allow you to live stream video to your friends via your smart phone.  Information is becoming instantaneous and most of all, giving accurate depiction of an event without the intervention of the senders opinions and perceptions.

The new generation is fully tuned to these technologies and it is up to us, people who are responsible for carrying out and designing workable marketing plans and activities, to fully acknowledge the change and make all efforts to adapt our strategies and activities to comply with these changes.

We, the 21st Century Marketing team, fully realizing the potentials and opportunities that this new technology is offering us, are working to develop tools in the form of web apps and processes based on marketing intelligence, to meet this new and challenging task of not only educating our clients, but at the same time help and facilitate them in stepping up to the new challenges and be ahead of their competition.

The only absolute thing in today’s market is 'Change' itself and we have both the resources and capabilities to help you adapt to that change.

Naved Haqqi

   Date: 2010-12-13 13:29:00